Oxide Black

Product Info

584x1170x10mm  |  Porcelain  |  Lapatto  |  2pcs/box  |  1,37m²/box


Suitable For:

Walls | Floors | Indoors | Outdoors | Wet Areas

Prior to Installation:

Inspect the tiles for any defects. Check that the tiles delivered to site are the correct quantity, colour shade and size as ordered or selected. Please check that the shades are consistent through the batch. Ensure that there are enough tiles on site for the project. If not, order more of the same batch/size before work commences.

During Installation:

Mix tiles from several boxes to ensure blending of any inherent shade variation. Always clean any adhesive, grout and wax from the surface of the tiles. Please note that NO CLAIM will be entertained after installation.

Oxide, a remarkable large format tile designed for both walls and floors, brings forth a strikingly rustic appearance, reminiscent of the captivating patina of aged materials. This tile, in its profound black hue with rust-colored rustic accents, infuses your space with a sense of eclectic and rustic charm. Its lapatto finish adds a touch of understated elegance, making it perfect for homes seeking an authentic and vintage-inspired aesthetic. Whether you're crafting an eclectic interior or transforming your space into a rustic haven, Oxide provides a canvas for creativity and history. Let your walls and floors tell a story with this tile that exudes timeless character and authenticity.

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