Picasso Copenhagen

Picasso Copenhagen



Product Info

200x200x8mm  |  Porcelain  |  Matt  |  25pcs/box  |  1m²/box


Suitable For:

Walls | Floors | Indoors | Outdoors | Wet Areas | Pools

Prior to Installation:

Inspect the tiles for any defects. Check that the tiles delivered to site are the correct quantity, colour shade and size as ordered or selected. Please check that the shades are consistent through the batch. Ensure that there are enough tiles on site for the project. If not, order more of the same batch/size before work commences.

During Installation:

Mix tiles from several boxes to ensure blending of any inherent shade variation. Always clean any adhesive, grout and wax from the surface of the tiles. Please note that NO CLAIM will be entertained after installation.

Explore the exquisite Picasso Copenhagen, a 200x200 decor tile range featuring an intricate circular pattern in soothing shades of beige. Designed with pool use in mind, these tiles elevate your aquatic environment to a new level of elegance. The delicate design creates a serene and timeless atmosphere, transforming your pool area into a work of art. Picasso Copenhagen embodies the essence of sophistication, offering a touch of luxury to your outdoor oasis. Dive into the soothing tones and intricate beauty of Picasso Copenhagen, where every swim becomes an artistic experience in the heart of nature.

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